Rules Of The Yard

Rules & Conditions

  • The company will not be liable for any personal injuries and/or personal property damage sustained while on its property, nor any legal expenses or any other costs and liabilities arising out of customer entry onto the property or as a result of any purchases of parts from the company.
  • Customers must have permission to enter the yard.
  • Absolutely no smoking in the yard. No alcohol or alcohol containers, no illicit drugs and no firearms are allowed on the premises at any time.
  • No customer may drive in the yard.
  • No one under the age of 12 years old is permitted beyond the Office. No one between the ages of 12 and 18 years old is permitted in the yard without a parent or legal guardian accompanying them.
  • All customers must check in at the Office before entering the yard and check out at the Office when leaving the yard.
  • You must supply your own tools.
  • Jacks and cutting torches are not permitted. Absolutely no one is allowed to get underneath a vehicle or attempt to lift or move vehicles. If any assistance is required, please contact the Office.
  • Shoplifters will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
  • You pull it. You own it!
  • All parts are sold as is. All sales are final. No Returns, no refunds, exchange or credit only.
  • The company does not warrant the reliability, safety, performance and/or fitness of any part sold.
  • The company is not responsible for any damage or any other liability that may occur while transporting, installing and/or using any used part purchased.
  • Sales are cash only or credit only. No personal checks.
  • Gas tanks are removed by the company and disposed of.
  • All toolboxes and other parcels are subject to inspection upon entering and leaving the yard.